16 July 2020  

Surveys and audits – know your space 

Many office managers and building owners do not know as much information about their buildings and its content as they would like to. Often personnel and layouts change without any records being kept and original building documents and floor plans cannot be found.  New furniture is often purchased when existing items could have been used, by providing a detailed furniture inventory report along with up to date floor plans our clients can prevent this type of over purchasing occurring and as result interiors can be managed more efficiently. 

Anglia Office provides a wide range of building surveys and interior audits including health and safety reports and asset inventory reports. All of our structural and building surveys are carried out by qualified professionals and results are prepared and documented for each individual area. 

Building surveys
Interior surveys
Structural surveys
Building auditsInterior audits
Building reports
Building drawings
Floor plans
Asbestos surveys
Health and safety reports
Asset inventories
Building manuals
Mechanical surveys
Electrical surveys
Appliance testing
Window surveys 

If you would like to discuss one of our services or have a project or building that may require surveying please contact our sales office.