16 July 2020  

Space planning - plan your space 

Anglia Office offers a fully comprehensive space planning design service.  Once we have gained a detailed insight into the client’s proposal and identified their key requirements, our team of space planners and designers work with the client and other relevant parties to produce the necessary layouts and options to satisfy those requirements. Thereafter we work towards the final design and layout approval. 

Our design team can demonstrate how many people can be accommodated within a current or proposed area, identify areas that are under used or surplus to requirements and illustrate ways of space saving. We could even in some cases, provide a solution for not going through a costly move.

Space planning
Layout advice
Space maximisation schemes
Office designInterior design
CAD drawings
2D / 3D drawings
Artist’s impressions
Mood boardsSpace audits
Furniture audits Building surveys
Space regulations
Workplace regulations
Architectural drawings 

We are used to working with what we are given which is sometimes very little, we can carry out building or space surveys, create floor plans and drawings, offer a furniture advisory service or even advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint. Call us today to arrange a no obligation consultation with one of our space planners.