07 August 2020  

Services information – client care 

Anglia office has not only built its name and reputation on providing great interior design schemes and furniture solutions but also on the level of service it provides, the attention to detail it attains and the high levels of customer care it provides. We offer a unique one-stop shop package from initial consultation through to project completion. 

Over the years we have been involved in a wide range of projects in most market sectors; as a result we are now highly experience operators who really do have the ability get jobs done on time to budget.  The level and range of services we can now provide are second to none. 

We view the services we provide as part of the bigger picture of what we do which is interior fit out. We often offer services at below cost price or factor the cost of them into the main works of the overall project.  We do this because we know that by dealing with a one stop shop our clients will save time and money. 

We are always willing to help and assist with any projects, questions or requirements that you may have. We can be involved as little or as much as you like. If you have preferred suppliers, consultants or contractors that you are currently using then we would be more than happy to work with them in whatever capacity you may require. 

Once we establish a client we never become complacent, we continue to maintain our high level of service and competitive pricing and that is why a high percentage of our clients return to us for the wide range of services and other products we supply.