16 July 2020  

Leasing & Finance options asset based lending  

Any of the products and services we supply with a value over £1,000 can be leased. These include any ‘asset’, which forms part of your commercial fit-out for example: 

Office Furniture and Seating, All types of Demountable Partitioning, Storage Systems, Suspended Ceilings, Wall Coverings, Floor Coverings including Carpet Tiles, Electrical Works and Cabling, Mechanical Services including Air Conditioning, Security and other Alarm Systems, Mezzanine Flooring , Blinds and all types of Refurbishment Works. 

Leasing or asset based lending assists with cash flow and allows for companies to spread their costs without using their capital. 

Leasing is tax efficient as it is 100% tax deductable against Corporation Tax compared to 65% for outright allowable purchases. 

Payments remain fixed for the duration of the lease which can be any length up to 7 years. Additional items can be added to the lease during the agreement period.  

Payments are subject to status and the prevailing rates. We can supply indicative costs and can arrange for a formal quotation once the value of the proposed project is known. 

At the end of the lease the client can either; take possession of the equipment against the payment of a nominal sum, return the equipment to the lessor or carry on using the equipment against a peppercorn rental.  

Exit terms are usually agreed at the start of the lease agreement. 

Please note: Figures quoted and terms and conditions are correct at the time of posting and are subject to change. Leasing agreements are subject to contract.Our leasing partners can provide a wide range of funding facilities at competitive rates for most type of projects.

Please contact our sales department for further information regarding project funding, lease options or any other queries.