16 July 2020  

Interior Design, with you in mind. 

Our appreciation of good interior design is often reflected by what we admire and strive to achieve in our own personal surroundings. The place where we spend most of our lives, the work place is often the one that we add less importance to with regards to design and quality of environment.  

It is a proven fact that we spend less on the environments that we spend more time in. 

For example, on average we spend 60% of our time sitting down, 50% at work 7% at home and 3% travelling. Research shows that people are prepared to spend up to 500% more on something i.e. a sofa that they will be using for only 7% of the time compared to say the office chair. 

A well designed interior scheme that looks good and uses space efficiently is what we are used to achieving. Good design not only improves your company image and people’s perception, but is also proven to lift morale and motivate staff, thus providing increased productivity and enhanced feel good factor all round. A workplace where people enjoy working reduces absenteeism and provides an atmosphere for growth and success.  

Workplace consultancy- listen evolve deliver 

At Anglia Office we can prove the benefits of good design in the workplace. We can offer no cost no obligation consultations with experienced designers. We listen and evolve your vision using our experience and resources.  

We then provide you with alternative solutions, ideas, costings and the platform to achieve your aim, if you like it, and all your boxes are ticked, we will go on to deliver your project on time in budget. 

For more information or a no obligation consultation with one of our interior  designers please call our sales team.