16 July 2020  

Furniture refurbishment and disposal 

Why buy new when you can refurbish your existing? Is a question that often stops us from selling new furniture.  We feel it is our duty to inform clients of the cost savings that can be made by refurbishing their existing as well as reducing the impact on the environment. 

Often the disposal factors affecting functional furniture can be rectified without the expense or waste of buying a new product. Worn fabrics or damaged screens can be reupholstered in matching or new fabric, components such as broken arms, castors and gas lifts can easily be replaced. Furniture scratches, broken drawers and sun damage can all be rectified, often on site with services such as French polishing and small repairs. 

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We can dispose of redundant interior elements of buildings and offices including office furniture and interior systems. This is a service we normally charge for depending on the furniture type, quality and quantities. However subject to condition we will purchase leading brands of previously used furniture. All of the products we dispose of are broken down and re-cycled in accordance with the current waste management regulations and our own green policies. 

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