07 August 2020  

Dilapidations – making good 

Dilapidations are works that a landlord will require to be done in order for the property to be returned in its pre-let condition. Most property leases will normally incorporate a covenant that requires the outgoing tenant to make good and leave the property as it was when they first occupied it. 

Anglia Office provides full dilapidation works for a number of clients including landlords, commercial agents and existing tenants. Our experience has given us a good understanding of the recognised threshold standards and regulations that govern these types of works. 

End of lease works
Landlord negotiations
Schedule of works agreements
Strip out services
Decoration works
Flooring works
Electrical testing
Disposal services
Dismantling services
Decommissioning services
Mezzanine floor removal
Furniture disposal 

With our vast knowledge and experience gained over 20 years we can provide cost effective solutions and services for all aspects of dilapidation works.  If you have a project, are moving or wish to discuss our services further, please contact one of our interior consultants.