16 July 2020  

Ceiling refurbishments – spray solutions  

Our ceiling refurbishment programme is a unique solution that is a viable cost saving alternative to replacing an acoustically sound, but fatigued and dirty ceiling. Savings of up to 75 % can be made with comparison costs of a new ceiling, the integrity of the ceiling and its acoustic properties are not jeopardised by the process and tiles can be removed easily for future access. 

We replace and repair any damaged ceiling grid or tiles, prior to spraying we mask and protect all areas as required including walls, floors, lights, vents, grilles and detectors. We then proceed to paint all relevant areas using a high opacity, low odour, quick drying paint applied using an electro static spraying process. 

Ceiling refurbishment
Ceiling cleaning
Spray paint finishes
Electro static paint finishes
Lift refurbishments
Shop front spraying
Cladding spraying
Out of hours working
Metal ceilings
Mineral fibre ceilings
High access solutions
Class O fire rating 

We can spray and refurbish a number of different areas including shop fronts, cladding and other materials including metal and timber. Our paints and finishes are available in most colours and standard RAL finishes. 

We are flexible and can complete projects outside of normal working hours to keep disruption to a minimum. Please call today if you would like a quotation or to discuss a possible project.