16 July 2020  

Washroom and plumbing - essential space 

Washroom design and fit out is an area where we have noticed that more and more of our clients are placing greater importance. A well presented, clean and modern washroom not only presents a good image it also says a lot about you as a company and how you view your staff, customers and clients. 

A washroom refurbishment can be achieved without breaking the bank; we can provide a number of solutions covering all aspects from start to finish suiting whatever budget you have. 

Washroom products and services we offer include: 

Washroom design service
Washroom refurbishment
Cubicle systems
DDA systems
Sanitary ware
Washroom accessories
Flooring solutions
Ceiling solutions
Temporary toilet facilities
Electrics and lighting
Plumbing and mechanical
Duct systems
Panelling systems
Vanity units
Lockers and bench systems
Changing room systems
Children’s cubicle systems 

Our products and services are suitable for a wide range of commercial applications including offices and the medical, health care and education sectors.