07 August 2020  

Raised access floors – access flexibility 

Raised access floors have been around for more than 70 years; however it is only recently that we have seen significant enough design and product developments to make them a ‘must have’ component for new build and refurbishment. 

We supply and install raised access floors in new and existing buildings. Our floors are used for a number of applications; they provide cabling and general services access solutions and provide the flexibility of moving services quickly and easily to suit changes in office layouts. They can also be used to conceal the ducting for heating, cooling and air flow management systems which can be designed to vent through strategically placed grills in the floor.   

Steel panel systems
Vinyl panel systems
Specialist floor finish systems
Office systems
Server room systems
Low void systems
Clean room systems
Timber systems
Easy access systems
Height ramps
Pedestal options
Vents and grilles
Medical systems
Cable management systems 

We also repair, maintain and rework all types of raised access floor systems. Please contact us for further information or to request a quote.