07 August 2020  

Glazing manifestations - amazing glazing 

Glazing manifestations can transform any area where glass is installed.  Generally we use a vinyl film; these are available in a wide range of finishes and colours including sand blasted and etched effects. The films can be supplied in wide range of shapes and patterns or as lettering. They can also be installed as corporate logos or bespoke designs.  

We can provide clients with samples, visual drawings and advice on the best way to proceed. We can also use traditional methods to sand blast glass to create more permanent designs and effects. 

Digital solutions 

We have the ability to print any image directly on to the glass or onto vinyl film which in turn can be applied to glass by our specialist installer. 

Solar & Security solutions 

We can provide solar and security films for all applications. We also supply anti-glare products and safety/bomb blast products. 

Partitioning manifestations
Glazing manifestations
Sand blasted designs
Digital image graphics
Anti glare films
Privacy films
Security films
Safety films
Coloured films
Bomb blast solutions
Mirror film solutions

 If you have a project or possible application you would like to discuss please contact our sales office.