16 July 2020  

Aquariums – workpeace design

Standard office? Or workplace environment? 

It’s a good question to ask, what makes your office space pleasant, different and attractive, not only for visitors but also for staff? 

It is a well documented fact that production levels, attendance and the general feel good factor of staff and a company’s image are greatly improved by the introduction of aquatic displays. 

Our specialist in house aquatic design team we can assist you with any project from start to finish including the initial design, working drawings, manufacture, installation and maintenance programs.  

Bespoke Aquariums
Standard Aquariums
Water features
Lease/Hire options
Maintained Aquariums
Aquatic design service
Stocking advice
Installation service
Maintenance service 

Aquariums are suitable for a wide range of areas including offices, busy reception areas, schools, hospitals, clinics, treatment rooms and other places that would benefit from the calming influence of a tranquil aquarium or water feature. 

Please call our sales office to discuss your project or possible requirement .