07 August 2020  

Canteen / restaurant – breakout space 

The provision of good quality staff and client facilities is now high on the agenda of most workplace managers. Good quality canteen, restaurant or breakout furniture often negates the need for staff to leave the premises and also says a lot about your commitment to your staff and clients. 

We can advise you and design and plan the smallest to the largest of restaurants, canteens, coffee stops or breakout areas. We can also provide clients with samples of the many different products we supply that suit all budgets. 

Canteen furniture
Restaurant furniture
Break out furniture
Food counters
Trolley systems
Chair options
Table options
Soft seating
Bistro tables
Bar stools
Bespoke furniture
Floor coverings
Heating and cooling  

As with all our projects we are a one stop shop. We can supply all or just some of the elements of your project including, building works, strip out, refurbishment, plumbing and electrical works, heating and cooling, lighting and all types of furniture and seating. Please call today for further information.